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Become a Translation Partner

Jeff Conant and Oyungerel Tsedevamba hold Mongolian and English copies of Environmental Helath Book

Jeff Conant, co-author, and Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, Mongolian translator, of A Community Guide to Environmental Health

Translation partners help ensure that people around the world have access to health information that is reliable, easy-to-understand and reflects their language and culture. We work with our partners to keep their books updated and available both in print and online.  Please visit our resources by language page to find Hesperian materials in other languages.

We welcome new translations of our materials. To facilitate translations and adaptations of our materials, Hesperian has an open copyright policy. This means that we will grant permission to translate or adapt our materials without charging royalties so long as the translation is not-for-profit.

If you are interested in translating one of our books, please email Tawnia Litwin, Translations and Digital Coordinator, at [email protected]. You can support new translations by donating.