Resources in Pashto

Where There Is No Doctor

Austrian Relief Committee for Afghans
P.O. Box 489 G.P.O.
Peshawar, N.W.F.P., PAKISTAN
Notes: Available at Khyber Bazaar, Peshawar

Disabled Village Children

Jalat Khan Hekmaty
UNDP/UNOPS Comprehensive Disabled
P.O. Box 740
17c Gulmohar Lane, University Town
Tel: 92-521-841880
Tel: 844693-843890
Fax:  92-521-844946

A Community Guide to Environmental Health

Jamroz Khan
Merit Witness (Mobilization for Empowerment and Roots for Inter Cooperation)
Pak International Grammar School
Faisal colony No.1, Dalazak Road
Peshawar , N.W.F.P, PAKISTAN
Tel: (91)-91-2551468, 2551453, 2040573

Where There Is No Dentist

International Rescue Committee
Health Education Resource Center
G.P.O. 504
Peshawar, PAKISTAN
Tel: 92 521 44122
Fax: 92 521 42283
Notes: Book is also available through: ACBAR Library, Peshawar (see DARI) and IRC's Women's Health Educator Trainers Resource Library, G.P.O. Box 504, Peshawar, PAKISTAN