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About Hesperian

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We believe that the sharing of knowledge is powerful and we work to create health materials that empower individuals and communities, to take action for better health. We distribute lifesaving health materials in many formats used by people in every corner of the world.

Hesperian is unique. Each of our health guides is constructed through a collaborative process of development that begins before the book is written and continues through their distribution. We start learning what people want to know, how they look for health information, and how they plan to use it. We craft content and incorporate feedback to improve the quality and usability of everything we create. This methodology ensures we are communicating health information that is relevant, can be easily understood, and will be used by the people we aim to serve.

To fulfill our mission of bringing health information to the greatest number of people possible, we prioritize translation that has made our materials now available in over 85 languages. We work with translation partners around the world to shape the communication of our health information to suit diverse cultural needs and varied contexts.

To ensure our health information is always accurate and effective, we regularly update our materials to include new approaches to health and the latest advances in medicine.

Hesperian works in the formats that people need and want. Our health information is available as books, booklets, e-books, online content, and apps. When we discover a need for online content to be made available in a physical format, we produce printed books or booklets in the languages that people need. Likewise, our physical books are made available in electronic formats so anyone with an internet connection can use Hesperian’s health information.

The broad range of topics Hesperian addresses is matched only by the range of people who gain knowledge from our resources. We are proud that Hesperian’s health guides and digital materials are used by community health workers, Peace Corps volunteers, health educators, governments, non-profit organizations, and many others seeking to improve health around the world.

Donations to Hesperian go further. Just 15 cents of every dollar raised is spent on administrative costs  – considerably less than the national average! Donate today and support our work to bring health information to people worldwide.

We do all this with fewer than 25 staff members. More than 200 volunteers across the globe help scale it up. Hesperian is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and is supported by the generous gifts of individual and institutional donors. Other important revenue streams come from the sale of books, resources, and digital tools.


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